Loans vs. Innovation

Innovation is a driver of the economy. When you unlock an innovation, your business gets a boost. Eventually, your competitors catch up and you have to innovate again.

An innovative restaurant may have a line out the door, like Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix who was ahead of the current food movement.

Eventually, innovation gets tiring. To continually reinvent yourself, or your business takes a lot of brainpower and a lot of work.

Apple, the company responsible for making smartphones mainstream, is now seeking to get in the credit game, after banking of off years of innovation. That innovation made them a luxury brand, and now they are coasting.

Last I heard, they had $200,000,000,000 in the “bank”. Best to start making interest off that by loaning it out. It doesn’t take much innovation to be in the loan business. The coasting shows in their products too. Crazy new features were the standard of past iPhone releases, now it’s a lot of new ways to send emojis. 😦

The struggle here is that the larger you are, the more innovation is necessary, but it’s easier to give out loans and collect interest.

For the little guy, the one looking to make his name, innovation is the only path.