The net acceleration your body feels depends on where you are.

Below are the values of acceleration on your body, “gravity”, (m/s^2) measured in different locations around the world.

Amsterdam 9.813
Athens 9.800
Auckland 9.799
Bangkok 9.783
Brussels 9.811
Buenos Aires 9.797
Calcutta 9.788
Cape Town 9.796
Chicago 9.803
Copenhagen 9.815
Frankfurt 9.810
Havana 9.788
Helsinki 9.819
Istanbul 9.808
Jakarta 9.781
Kuwait 9.793
Lisbon 9.801
London 9.812
Los Angeles 9.796
Madrid 9.800
Manila 9.784
Mexico City 9.779
Montréal 9.789
New York City 9.802
Nicosia 9.797
Oslo 9.819
Ottawa 9.806
Paris 9.809
Rio de Janeiro 9.788
Rome 9.803
San Francisco 9.800
Singapore 9.781
Skopje 9.804
Stockholm 9.818
Sydney 9.797
Taipei 9.790
Tokyo 9.798
Vancouver 9.809
Washington, D.C. 9.801
Wellington 9.803
Zurich 9.807

Everywhere you go it’s slightly different depending on altitude, density of earth’s crust, etc. Generally calling it 9.81 m/s^2 is good enough.

Prior to the information age, it was easier to agree to one general value that was easy to spread around the world since it wasn’t easy to get on the same page once misinformation spread.

Today, teaching everyone that gravity is different in each locale and to look it up is a possibility. We’re in a world where subtlety and differences are mattering more than ever as the complexity of the world continues to grow. It’s time to think about what you can do that isn’t necessarily radical, but is certainly different.