Are the sequels all a by product of society?

I saw a picture floating around the internet the other day of Seth MacFarlane. He was sitting in a kitchen in a small looking apartment with a Mac computer, looking like he was contemplating the early writing for Family Guy.

There were all sorts of comments about how hard Seth works, which I agree. Making a show or a movie isn’t easy.

Then a comment popped up, one about the price of apartments in Los Angeles then compared to now. Based on data I found here, even back in 2011, 1 bedroom apartments in LA were $1,342/month. Now, they are $2,408/month. Wages certainly haven’t risen to match that.

Is this increased cost of living the reason why movie sequels and show revivals are all we get these days? Can today’s would-be writers simply not find the time to work enough hours to pay rent and still have time left over to work on something original?

Ecosystems are powerful things. Sure, you can live somewhere cheaper than LA and do your writing, but outside of that area, who are you going to review with? Who are you going to network with? It’s much easier to be in the ecosystem, or at least is was until the rent went sky high.

What can be done about this? I don’t know, but I’d like to see something new for once.