Serving introverts

The internet made serving introverts much easier. Extraverts have always been out in the world, much easier to interact with them. They like the energy of dealing with others.

The introverts like their calm, their peace of being alone. Consider a company like Peloton, who is serving instructor-led cycling classes to people in their own home, through a screen. When the class is over, the introvert is out of there. They get a better workout, and don’t have to deal with the chitchat that some of them dread.

50% of the world is introverts, though you may not believe that if you think every introvert is some social pariah. The internet produced a platform that created an opportunity that makes it comfortable for introverts to interact in a situation they control better. Emails instead of in-person negotiation for example.

You have an opportunity to serve these people in a way they want to be served, what will you do with it?