My taco business.

I started a taco business years ago as a plan to make side money to save for a house. I started by making and selling them at a Farmer’s Market with a partner.

We bought a grill. A cooler. And some other small container and kitchen utensil stuff. Paid a small fee for a license through the health department.

What I did was make great tacos. The chicken was high quality organic chicken thighs. It was seasoned with a hand ground spice mix of cumin, oregano, ancho chili, black pepper, and paprika, and salt. It was than grilled giving it a nice slight char where the grates touched the meat. It was then topped with a grilled corn and green onion relish, and finished with our own invention, basil cream, all served on a made to order corn tortilla.

They tacos were popular and earned us a catering gig without even planning on being in that business. After the catering gig, we got calls for another. And the original place we catered at, called us back two years in a row to see if we were available again.

One thing to note about this story, our food costs were crazy high. We didn’t skimp on quality, and we were buying small quantities compared to restaurants since the Farmer’s Markets was once a week, so there wasn’t much discount.

What we could have done was found the cheapest frozen chicken, the cheapest packaged tortillas, the cheapest corn and green onions, the cheapest chili powder mixture, and topped it with watery pre-made salsa. That would have fed people. It wouldn’t have got us a catering gig we didn’t ask for. It certainly wouldn’t have got us call backs from more either.