If there isn’t a way to make it remarkable…

it might not be a business.

If it’s a business, there is a way to make it remarkable.

That’s because businesses are complex, there are a lot of steps in the process. Taking a few of those and exaggerating those to the extreme are possible.

Take pizza for example, here are some extremes that exist in that space:

  • The fastest delivery. (Domino’s originally was 30 minutes or less)
  • The highest quality ingredients. (Papa John’s. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.)
  • The cheapest. (Pizza Hut the amount of promotion coupons is unreal)
  • The most fun place to go. (Chuck E. Cheese)

However, I could invent a new one:

  • Different pizza shapes monthly. (Instagram an entire year’s worth and get the next 3 free. This is an idea, take it and run.)

This would be done by having pans created that look like different animals. Then having fun with the topping combinations to try to arrange them to look more like the animal they are supposed to be. Imagine a pan shaped like a butterfly. Could you image creating a wing pattern with pepperoni, jalapeños, and pineapple. How would that look different than one with sausage, red pepper and onion? It’s adding flair to the pizza, and it’s something worth talking about. It’s creating a category of most artistic pizza place. And yes, this place will never compete with the fastest, as it’s not supposed to. It takes time to lovingly place and craft the toppings so that it looks like an art piece. At the end of the day, that time spent is the marketing. People will instagram it, and word of the pizza place will spread.

All of these places have the same broad steps:

  1. Order bulk ingredients.
  2. Take orders
  3. Make orders
  4. Delivery pizza to house or table.

Domino’s does all of these in the fastest methods possible. Papa John’s puts more money than the others into step 1, or at least they did at one point. Pizza Hut finds ways to reduce costs in each of these steps. Chuck E. Cheese makes the whole experience inside fun. My pizza shape idea takes step 3, and takes it to an extreme.

One step changed or modified to something different in a way the customer sees it is all you need. Remarkable isn’t hard, it’s just different. And it’s certainly easier than yelling louder than the other guys in a noisy world.

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