The irony of marketing profile pictures vs. sales pictures

When I look at profile pictures on LinkedIn, I see a stark contrast between marketing professionals, and sales professionals in how they choose their profile pictures.

Marketing professionals want to look hip, fun, and different. They’ll usually be wearing something bright, like yellow glasses, and they’ll be in a funny pose or jump. Their clothes will be more casual. They seem to be showing their uniqueness.

Sales professionals are in a suit. They are projecting success. You should meet with me, I have ideas that will make your business shine.

It seems ironic to me if I think deeper about it. I’m more likely to have a conversation with a sales professional, yet all there photos look nearly the same. Which one should I pick? Are they particularly inviting, or look like they have a unique perspective? Not really, nearly all are projecting the same image.

Yet, on the marketing side of things, they are going to be in charge of lead generation for my entire business. They are a critical factor, and I’m going to trust that to someone in a t-shirt, and yellow glasses whose profile picture has them jumping in the air?

I’m not as grumpy as this post makes me sound, it just seems backwards. One thing to always think about, “Is this sending the message I want it to?” If you didn’t make a decision about what the message is, and instead just did the typical, it’s time to rethink that.