A list of all the things I’ve tried at my job in 7 years.

  • Make a company app made.
  • Create a seminar for engineering managers.
  • Turn seminar for engineering managers into e-book.
  • Create a following on LinkedIn.
  • Create blogs that get spread beyond the customer base.
  • Create a spreadsheet that estimates consulting project time.
  • Create a class that reviews the fundamentals of simulation.
  • Create a costing subscription service.
  • Create a spline to lines and arcs SOLIDWORKS utility.
  • Create a podcast.
  • Create a training assessment.
  • Host an AR Training Session.
  • Become a speaker/presenter at tradeshows for engineers.
  • Create a 3D printing + Simulation combined seminar.

I’m probably forgetting some. These were all the things that I tried to do above and beyond my job. Some of them didn’t pan out. And some of them are still in progress. No one has to hold you back except you. Permission is overrated. Doing is your choice.