I ate sticky toffee pudding.

Post image

This was passed off as a social media post by someone saying they ate it. Of course this is professional marketing. Look at the lighting. The curated focus of the subject and the slightly blurred background. It looks incredible, but this wasn’t a quick picture. This was staged.

Of course, when the subject of the photo looks so scrumptious, it’s easy to forget all that. To go on, and show the picture to your wife, and declare “we’re going out” in an attempt to capture the deliciousness shown in the picture for yourself.

Making something incredible tasting, incredible looking, anything remarkable at all, is a network effect. It spreads.

I’ve never been to the restaurant that serves the dessert shown in the image above, but after looking it up, you can bet that if I ever am in that city, I’ll be thinking about, and likely trying it out. Remarkable is sticky, just like this toffee pudding. I’ll remember it.