Computers are an ecosystem.

Why do I have to pay to upgrade my software?

You don’t.

However, eventually you’ll want to search for something on the web and won’t be able to load web pages. There will be a problem though, in an attempt to look better than the competition, every webpage is making ever more detailed fonts. More images and unique graphics in their design. Music. Video. To handle the increased data of it all not being simple text, higher bandwidth technology is needed.

Except your computer isn’t compatible with that. It doesn’t have ports that can handle the data transfer rate, or even just the physical connector itself. If there is an adapter made, it’s still doesn’t fix that your computer is 10 years old and can’t process that amount of data in a reasonable amount of time, which wastes more time of yours than it’s worth. So, you won’t be able to do your research, marketing, social media, networking, emails, etc. Obviously, all of that is important, and can’t be skipped.

Upgrading your hardware to get access to all of that it is then!

But you don’t want to pay us for development to keep our software compatible with that new hardware. So now, faced with a new computer, where every component on it didn’t exist 5 years ago when our software was made, it no longer runs correctly. If we didn’t keep our software maintained for that newer hardware you upgraded to, you wouldn’t be able to run our software on your new system. Without your payment, software can’t support development.

Computers are all an ecosystem that are tied together. It has to be maintained in balance, and it takes money to do that. It’s not a scam. It’s a community you’re a part of, and just like your country, you’re free to leave and find somewhere better, a place where there is no computers, no internet, no hardware, no software, might be for you, though it’s likely being part of the computer ecosystem and paying the fees is your best option, just like staying put and paying the taxes.

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