Why the past had more need for paid advertising.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Yet, in the early days of photography, carrying around an endless supply of photos wasn’t a possibility. Until only a couple decades ago, most people were probably only carrying around a picture of their children, and that was it.

People didn’t carry around photo albums. Nor did they have videos on them to show people at any moment.

Word-of-mouth was exactly that. People talking about something they experienced. Now it’s not just word-of-mouth, it’s also experience-of-video, or clarity-of-image. People can share much more of what they’ve seen and experienced with others. If you’re doing amazing work, it’s much more likely that someone can clearly communicate how amazing you are to someone else than they could two decades ago.

Do something worth sharing, and let people do the work for you. Perhaps, even encourage them to do so a little bit.