Even your strength compounds.

Start going to the gym and you’ll see gains in your strength. Consider if you go from lifting 30 to 45lb dumbbells, you’ve gained more strength than you ever had in total as a toddler who couldn’t even lift 30lbs. Yet, as a toddler, you were gaining strength too.

We start small to develop our strength. We can’t even lift our own heads. As we grow, we grow our strength to match the increased body weight and size.

The universe is filled with things that compound over time. And there may be plenty of cases where you reach your limits, and that compounding gain starts looking like an “S-curve”. If you reach that stage, perhaps it’s time to find another thing to compound. Businesspeople do this by accumulating large wealth, which gets harder to grow due to finding opportunities on that scale, so they start accumulating goodwill through philanthropy.

You too can find something else to grow when something in your life has reached the diminishing returns stage of compounding. However, it takes knowing yourself well to do that.