The necessities of life.

  1. Air/Oxygen
  2. Water
  3. Food
  4. Shelter
  5. Clothes
  6. Protection
  7. Energy
  8. Transportation
  9. Digital Devices

I wrote the list above in the order that I assume will kill you quickest if you don’t have it. Without air you’re dead in minutes or even seconds. Water in days. Food in weeks. Shelter depends on what kind of natural disasters happen. Clothes protect you from sunburn, and insect bites, and temperature fluctuations. Transportation allows you to be a bigger part of society and digital devices extend transportation.

For the last items 8 and 9, consider the ramifications of not having them on getting a job. Finding places to even apply would be extremely limited without them, let alone the applications themselves.

If looking at it objectively, society has been growing to fulfill the necessities listed above. Humans formed communities to distribute the work of finding water, gathering, hunting and preparing food, building shelters, making clothes, living in close vicinity for protection. Later, with technological advancements, creating energy for heating, washing, cooling, lighting, etc., became part of everyday life. When adding the last two, transportation and digital devices the need for energy grew further.

Tying these necessities to the economy, each necessities grows the economy. Therefore, adding necessities is a way of growing the overall economy significantly.