I don’t know what to search for a watch I want…

except perhaps a brand name, which isn’t important to me. I care about the style. This problem arises from how we describe watches.

“Luxury watch” for example. Isn’t that how we describe any watch these days? We all have the time on our phone after all, so a watch isn’t really necessary.

“Cheap watch” doesn’t seem unique.

What other words can I use:

  • “Silly”
  • “Strange”
  • “Wacky”

The list can go on for quite a bit. Except the problem is none of these describes a specific watch all that well. It might lead you to a site like Amazon, or other shopping site, but it doesn’t lead to a specific watch. Even when I type in something like “brown leather band, with brass and unique movement” I don’t get the watch I’m envisioning, or something close.

It’s likely for certain things, those with an artistry about them, we’ll always have to shop. That is a problem and an opportunity.

It means people will always be looking, and we aren’t constrained by Google, but it means it’s hard for us to be clear and find those who are seeking us, however, by finding a group, or community who want the watches you make, your word can spread.