Who made the wrong choice?

Without an outside authority, it’s unlikely two parties of differing opinions will ever come to an agreement on who made a wrong choice if something doesn’t go as planned.

This is the central reason why humans, and even animals, have always needed leaders. Someone to make the call, settle the dispute.

Everyone has an internal narrative that tells them what they believe, filtering their view of the world. At times, telling someone, “We’ll trust your narrative, regardless of what our says,” eliminates some problems and discontent. It allows for better coordination, and teamwork.

Having a team of one is easy, there’s only one narrative. Two is harder, unless there is a clear power dynamic, employer/employee type relationship. More than that, and a leader is necessary to create the narrative.

However, that leader doesn’t have to let it go to his head, he’s not necessarily right either, it’s simply by agreeing to follow his story, everyone can get on with it.

P.S. Now you understand why this blog is called, “none of this is Right”.