Why are Harmon Brother’s commercials remarkable?

The Harmon Brother’s make commercials that move products off the shelf, or out of the warehouse. More than anything though, the commercials themselves are remarkable.

Reflecting on what makes them remarkable isn’t an easy task, but here’s a few thoughts:

  • Their length is non-standard, much longer than a typical ad, so it seems more valuable. They aren’t trying to do the ten second ads, the ones you skip, because they can’t provide value in that time, so they have to do something to hold your attention for the time they need. Squatty Potty and Purple mattress commercials are roughly 3 and 4 minutes respectively.
  • They have a unique style. The animations. The writing. The set designs. The sound effects. It’s a mix of modern and old-times that is unique enough to be recognizable.
  • They mix humor and education. The humor serves to make it entertaining (and less gross in the case of the Squatty Potty), the education teaches you how to evaluate your need of the product being showcased, and against other similar products. Both provide a reason to watch to the end.
  • They clearly explain the product and process. After watching the commercials, you understand what problem you have, how the product will solve it, and what to expect. Compared to many ads that are made to only provide brand awareness, these are more likely highly produced theatrical sales pitches.

As I wrote those out, my thoughts became clearer to me, the way that the Harmon Brother’s stand out is by being a sales team in a marketing industry. Most marketers are looking for “awareness” something that is a bit ethereal, while the Harmon Brother’s seem to be looking for sales.

Of course, their production quality doesn’t hurt either.