What if you limited the marketing content you have?

Where I work we have:

  • A blog, that has half a dozen contributors.
  • An email list
  • A dozen different product documents
  • Videos
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Seminars
  • And the list continues.

There is no way that anyone at our company fully knows the extent of our marketing documents. That’s the problem. How does any piece of content gain traction and spread? How does anyone share what we have when it’s beneficial.

Most companies are probably making too much content, and not sharing enough.

What do you think would happen if you limited yourself and said we can only have 5 marketing documents, make them count?

Sure you could keep old ones, treat them like a bench in sports. Swap them out. But you have your lineup, the ones everyone is told to use, and knows exactly where they are.

My hunch is that people are doing too much marketing. A band writes one album and then tours it for 2-3 years. And they may modify each song a bit as they try out different things live than they did on the album. That’s okay, you can revise and improve the quality too.

Those same pieces can be repurposed in a variety of ways. You could read them on a podcast. You could record a video of them. Turn them into an article.

I suppose the problem I’m not addressing here is search engine optimization (SEO) and I’m not going to get started on that right now…