Style is part of being remarkable.

At some point engineering overpowered style because someone doesn’t have to make hard choices, just optimize for performance.

I’m making this statement based off of older cars. In the ’60s cars all seemed to have much larger stylistic differences than that of today. When I read, or hear about the history of old vehicles, there are a lot of stories of bringing in this designer, or that one. I don’t hear that in the modern age.

I think it’s because style requires tough choices. If we just choose something mathematical to be the goal, then the hard choices are made for us. Not many people like making hard decisions. Especially the ones that could lead to the success or failure of the product.

However, as the world moves forward, the standard spaces are being filled, by highly automated, highly repeatable processes.

Part of the fight of standing out is being remarkable, and a component of remarkability is style. If you can’t make a choice. Something to say this is me, this is how I do it, then there won’t be much for you left.