Amazon Product Algorithm

I could see a point in the future where AI gathers complaints about a product from Amazon reviews, redesigns the products and then sends it to manufacture and listens to what the new reviews say.

This is essentially an optimization problem, with an entirely automated supply chain. AI software scanning words are already under development. Generative design is a growing area of research in CAD and design software, and industry 4.0 is all about connected factories. Throw in self-driving trucks, and there you have it, the whole system integrated into one tight bundle.

Amazon may not own every step in that chain. They may utilize factories that simply tie into the Amazon system that they contract out, but still, it will feel and probably be a monopoly on the most common items.

How will there be room for anyone else?

Simple. Do something different. A computer wants to optimize. It wants to focus on 5 star ratings. Or it wants to maximize sales. Or maximize margins.

Build your product on an entirely different axis. One that isn’t easily measured. Coolness for example. Build it based on who it isn’t for.

There are other factors at play too. How does that system market it? When serving a big audience, there isn’t much to stand out. Sure, you can use a big budget to buy a lot of interruption for people, but that’s all you’re buying. An interruption. There is plenty of room for companies who aren’t interruptions, but instead something you look forward to stumbling across. Be one of those.

SWAG Golf is one of them.