The Wendy’s board game

Wendy’s made a board game called Feast of Legends. I never would have known about it until a big gamer coworker of mine mentioned it to me in a tangentially related conversation we were having. 

This is an incredible piece of marketing for three reasons:

Network effects.

Feast of Legends is remarkable.

It’s generous. 

  1. Feast of Legends is remarkable. It’s got nice art. On first glance, it’s got a well-developed set of rules. It’s based around food. It’s unique.
  2. Network effects. A game involves multiple players, people have to be invited over to play.
  3. It’s generous. Wendy’s even has a free version you can print out in PDF form. It’s not trying to extract money from you, it’s built on good will.
  4. Being based around food, it probably makes you hungry. Which is how they sell food. I imagine strictly out of thanks, groups of people would form parties by inviting people to play and catering in some Wendy’s.

Overall, it’s an incredibly smart piece of marketing, done for much cheaper than traditional advertising. It’s remarkable, has network effects, is built on generosity, and makes you want their product. What is a better recipe for marketing success?