Budgets used to be a showstopper.

There are plenty of employees that want to move the company forward. It used to be that someone needed to approve all the line items. There weren’t a whole lot of things that were cost efficient. Want to help a large customer with a software prior to internet screen shares? The phone isn’t going to be efficient, so you’ll have to fly, or drive out there. That’s an entire day or longer, plus mileage, possibly airline tickets and maybe a hotel. You also have the opportunity cost of not being available for others in the office. It was a big decision, and a company couldn’t afford to do it all the time recklessly, they needed management.

Now, screensharing is possible. Want to help a customer? Schedule a screenshare for an hour and watch what they do. You are out roughly an hour plus a few minutes of scheduling time. No gas. No rental car. No meals.

It’s low cost. Your boss doesn’t need to approve it. Just doing it is an option. A budget is much less of an excuse today.