Most people don’t focus on the problem…

they focus on the constraints.

  • I need to make $XXX,XXX dollars in my career.
  • This marketing article needs to reach 10,000 people.
  • The cost needs to stay under a certain goal.
  • We have to ship in 2 weeks.

You get the point. People are more worried about the constraint than the problem. The people that truly care about the problem are the ones that amaze us. It’s Apple when they developed the original iPhone. It’s Tesla with the electric vehicles they make. It’s the best hamburger you ever had. They all had constraints of course, but they didn’t let them dominate the actual problem. They moved the constraints as needed, by shifting deadlines, raising more funds, or spending more on the ingredients than originally planned for the burger.

There are plenty of constraints around us, bending them is the work we have to do, but coming up with a great product is the reason we do it. Our customer’s don’t care about our constraints, they care about our products.