The prequel and sequel

A prequel generally shares the guides story back when he was the lost character on his way to becoming a hero.

The sequel generally shows what was a triumphant hero, now stumbling due to a new problem.

Sequels have a reputation for being bad. And it’s likely because the stories we tell ourselves is that heroes have something special inside them, and once they find it, they are superior. Smarter. Stronger. They always have the advantage. People don’t like being confronted with reality, that even once you overcome a major obstacle, later in life you may face more. It’s exhausting just to think about that, let alone have to deal with it. As a result, we don’t like sequels. Of course, we could chalk it up to directors and budgets, but I think they don’t want to admit that fundamentally people don’t like the concept, which makes it harder to make a sequel people enjoy.

The reality though is if you can learn to deal with your sequels in life, you can continue to get stronger and stronger, just like the heroes in those sequels. Don’t focus on the next obstacle, focus on the opportunity to get better.