What engineering is about.

What it used to be about was calculating geometry that worked. This adapter fits these parts. Make sure they all go together.

Then 3D CAD tools arrived. While the figuring of geometry is part of it, the tools mostly do it for you. Significant reductions in the drawing of intersections and projections, and calculations of geometry have happened.

As a result, engineering is moving two directions from it’s geometric days:

  • Engineering performance
  • Engineering uniqueness

Engineering performance is about making the lightest, brightest, most powerful, most fuel efficient, etc.

Engineering uniqueness is about thinking creatively to create something that surprises people. That makes something that is worth talking about. Or worth sharing on social media. It’s about doing more than meeting specifications. It’s art.

In engineering performance, tons of math and simulation softwares are used, and there is a lot of room to grow here as a society. There is still far more that can’t be calculated than there is that can. However, if thinking long-term, computers will likely take over this role at some point. Art will become ever more important as the realm of work for people in the modern era.