The Daily Effort of Picasso

Picasso was one of the most famous living artists ever. He has several pieces that have gone on to sell for tens of millions of dollars, but people who know him, but don’t study art history sometimes mistakenly think he work up one day and decided, “I’m going to make a masterpiece today.” That never happened. He made art daily. Putting in the effort. For 70+ years! Some of that work was chosen by customers and society as his masterpieces. The consumers, not the artist, chooses the masterpiece. 

To put in perspective Picasso’s effort, It’s estimated that he produced 50,000 pieces of art in his lifetime between paintings, drawings, rugs, tapestries and sculptures. That’s multiple pieces per day. Only a handful of those pieces turned into the world shattering successes that most dream of, and he didn’t pick them. He just created daily and the world chose what they like. 

That should be comforting! 

You don’t have to agonize over your work too much. Just use that social media question on yourself, then put it out there, and if you’re wrong re-calibrate and try again tomorrow. If you continue to dedicate time daily, you’ll eventually build a body of work, and in time that body of work will grow to contain some eventual masterpieces.