The fear of what you are doing.

There will always be doubt.

Reassurance is the least abundant resource as it relates to demand.

The problem is everything that is reassuring to do as a task is being gobbled up by computers.

Soon the only tasks left will be the creative thinking ones.

The ones that might not work.

The ones that are risky.

Not getting good at risk taking, and critical thinking is going to become the most risky move there is.

Here’s something’s I’ve tried in the past that were risky (though I didn’t bet everything on them):

  • An app like Uber (but prior to their mainstream).
  • A taco stand at a Farmer’s Market on the weekend.
  • A chocolate truffle business.
  • Solving the Riemann Hypothesis

Get good at doing things you aren’t sure will work, and you’ll learn a lot along the way. It also turns out the world values people who can operate in ambiguity.