Engineering vs. Architecture

I started college as a double major in Architecture and Civil Engineering. It was a program my advisor assured me no one had ever completed, it was demanding, but more that that, eventually people leaned one way or the other.

While I eventually went the engineering route, it was one of the most important experiences of my life.

I learned two different paths of the world. In engineering, finding the correct/acceptable answer or solution was the key. In Architecture, it was the story, the explanation, and the outworking of the competition. There were creative architecture projects that I scrapped because I saw how much better my classmates projects were. It was mostly against your peers you were judged, not against an acceptable solution. That’s how life is for most, so you have to strive to be the best. As an aside, it’s also my theory on why good Architects have a stereotype of being egotistical.

Long story short, sometimes your job is to find an acceptable solution, other times it’s to be better than the competition. Knowing when to do each is a skill that should be polished.