Cross generational mentoring

If you’re seeking proof that the world is in a transition, look no further than cross-generational mentoring. It used to be there was a significantly lop-sided relationship, with the older generation having a lot more to teach the younger one. However, what I see when I look hard enough, is closer to 50-50. Sure, the older generation knows more about dealing with people, the laws, the finances, the hard stuff. However, they know a lot less about technology, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, and other tools that are quickly becoming the basis of modern marketing and sales.

I’m sure similar cross-generational mentoring happened when the world transitioned from feudalism to capitalism. There was probably some peasant father somewhere, saying “Son, I’m going to teach you how to mill the best grain, and get respect from the nobles.” And the son replying, “Dad, I’m going to teach you how to harness water power to make us rich!”

Let’s embrace the transition and make a plan for it.