We live in a time of unprecedented mobility.

At times it doesn’t feel that way.

The reason?

We’re in a transition between industrialism and the digital age. The tactics that have worked for 100-200 years aren’t entirely accurate anymore, though there are plenty of people still telling people the wrong information. The problem is when we trust someone, like our grandfather, and take his advice, it may not work as well in our time as it did his.

There is an opportunity everyday to see others, to be seen and to connect. However, it’s not done by the tactics of yesteryear. You don’t do it by phone, or wagon, or smoke signal. You do it on the web. You write, talk, record and share. You find a group your work resonates with whether it’s fixing up old cars, creating paintings, writing music, giving self-help advice, making digital art, programming, mathematics. No matter what you do there is a group waiting for you to find them. Not only is it fun to find them, when you find the right group, it’s the key to a great career and an even better life.