There isn’t an argument from the center.

I’m generally moderate on most topics. I see things from a lot of different perspectives, and it’s become obvious to me, someone who falls in the middle of an ideological spectrum is never seen as being in the center.

Recently, there has been an outbreak of the measles, and while I believe modern medicine is good, I have skepticism for big pharma. I’m skeptical that some medicines are more than placebos, and some may be harmful, but in the face of big money and marketing, normal people don’t know much about the actual risks. With that stance in mind, I’m seeing some hurt caused by the anti-vaxxer movement. And I sympathize with them, only wanting the best for their children, but I also sympathize with people suffering outbreaks of previously eradicated illnesses. We’re falling below the herd immunity threshold.

Any time I voice this concern to either side of the argument, I’m immediately seen as the opposite of the spectrum, far past where my own position and beliefs actually put me. Society mostly sees things as binary. You’re with us, or against us.

Here are a few conclusions:

  1. If you’re trying to change someone, you may be seen differently by them.
  2. If you’re not okay with being seen as more extreme than you actually are, it’s better to say nothing.
  3. When politicians make crazy promises, far past what you can tolerate, don’t worry too much, they just need to go far for arguments sake, the reality will likely be more moderate.