With a vision, work becomes a joy.

My belief is that most people are unhappy working when they feel it’s not building to anything.

That means the cure is having a vision for your ultimate work. Your crowning achievement. How you want to help. What you want to work on. The projects you want to put into the world.

If you see the end goal, then as long as your current work is adding to it, you’ll see yourself growing. If the progress in your rearview mirror is obvious, you’ll be happier to show up everyday. If that’s not happening, you’ll know it’s time for a switch to something that will put you back on track. The vision is your guide. It’s also your happiness.

They say we live in an instant gratification world, which is true, but with that vision in mind, we can still find a way to find each day gratifying, but it won’t happen without it. Without it, usually there is emptiness.