Interesting = Challenging

I’ve always wanted to do interesting work. In that quest, I was pushed down many uncomfortable paths, but came out a better, well-rounded person.

The most interesting work is the work no one expects. Most people didn’t see Amazon when it first opened it’s doors, nor Tesla, nor Apple. Those companies got to where they are by fighting through the challenges. Amazon faced perception issues with paying by credit card over the unsecured internet. Tesla faced perception issues of what an electric car is. Apple had to convince people they could benefit from a computer at home. You don’t have to dream to be their size, all size of dreams fit this book, but those examples are likely to be in your current perspective.

One problem you may run into is the engineer’s paradox.

Other problems include things like coming up with an idea for a new product, only to find out that you also have to invent a number of components too. Or seeing an opportunity to create a new product line, only to find out you’ll need to work with marketing to prove there is demand.

Since no one is expecting it, you’ll have to get them to see what you see. That part is the biggest challenge, making it the most interesting work of all. Learn to love it as part of the process and you’ll be fine.