Two directions to choose from

  1. The way the world should be going according to you, or
  2. The way the world is going. 

Both are viable paths under the correct set of circumstances. In the former, if we were on the path to better buggy whips, but you had the idea for the automobile, a leap that solves the problem in a unique way that improves several aspects of efficiency and purpose, then perhaps it’s time to show the world it the way it should be going.

For the latter, if you’re thinking you’ll make jellied eel will be the next food craze in the United States, but you can’t even get someone to taste a free sample, well then perhaps it’s better to find a food that fits in with where the world is going.

These are both ultimately choices. Choosing option 1 usually leads to harder path than can have larger success at the end, as if the world didn’t see that path previously, then there isn’t much competition and you become the big player. Option 2 usually leads to a comfortable feeling, knowing there is a market, but everyone sees it, so while you can rest assured someone wants to buy what your selling, you’ll have to compete for it. Which isn’t a bad thing on it’s own.

The truth is, you won’t know either option is the right decision until you make the choice, then you’ll find out if you should pivot to the other.