Augmented Reality helps lower risk

As I once heard listening to a neuroscientist say, “A human is 86 billion neurons telling themselves a story.”

However, that’s a struggle for anyone selling something, especially if that current story doesn’t support the purchase. This won’t look good. This won’t fit my space. This isn’t for me. Those are all stories, and that might be stories holding you back from making a sale.

The bigger problem is they may all be false, but currently the human telling that story is the one who needs convincing, but there is a way.

Show them.

That’s what Augmented Reality (AR) does. It shows people a new perspective, giving them another story to tell themselves. They may understand that in this space, this does look good, and this is a fit, and this is for me. That’s when you make the sell.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a tool for lowering risk, it currently has a lot of easy to see applications in eCommerce, but I’m sure there is plenty being overlooked, that isn’t being taken into account today. People just need to be looking in the right places.