Reducing the purchase fear.

It’s human to want to make the right decision. The reality is though, there is no one right decision. There are many of them. So if you’re a company, your job is to sway the customer to believe what you are offering is the correct choice.

There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Amaze them with artistry
  2. Lower their risk
  3. Move them with emotion.

Items #1 and #3 are the least scalable. Artistry and vision or sales skill aren’t as scalable as providing a solution that lowers their risk. That means it’s easy to bake #2 into your company processes more than #1 and #3, those two items instead require the skills of the specific people doing the work.

Some ways to reduce risk is to a lay out a plan of all the exact costs, as clearly as possible. Another is to show exactly what the delivered item will be. And finally, the hardest, but most effective is to make people aware that you as a company are on their side, that no matter what happens, you’re invested in making their experience successful. That last one is what a strong brand is.

Regardless of what line of business you’re in, reducing the customer’s fear is your job. We’re all scared, whoever makes us feel the least scared is usually the winner.