Marketing and AR.

They aren’t separate. Augmented Reality isn’t just a way to play Pokemon Go or other games. It’s a step toward a lead generation platform. Especially for those brick and mortars looking for ways to lower their costs like their online brethren.

In the furniture business, it may be that Augmented Reality (AR) could be used to help customers order without ever leaving their house, or seeing the couch in-person. This offers the purchaser a hassle-free experience, and it lowers the amount of showcase space the furniture company needs. Win-Win. In some cases, for furniture companies that want to sell direct rather than through distributors, it could offer that level of service.

The power of it as a marketing tool however is that it lowers the customers risk. Before they buy, they can see how a piece will look in their home. Against the backdrop of their wall. And contrasting to their floors. No imagination required, I like it or I don’t.

Whenever you take away a piece of resistance from a potential customers mind, the chance of the sale actually happening are increased. This is the beauty of Augmented Reality (AR) and we are at the tip of the iceberg of what is possible here.