Jobs created by augmented reality

There are a number of jobs that will be created by augmented reality. Here are some of them:

  1. Modelers. Building models in software like CAD tools so that they can be imported into the augmented reality (AR) tools.
  2. Rendering Specialists. People who control colors, textures, shading, lighting, etc. Coding skills may or may not be necessary depending on the complexity, but certainly a good eye for details matter, and a desire to tweak until everything looks as real as possible.
  3. File Management Specialists. Augmented Reality (AR) is starting to get up there in the amount of files that have to be managed. In order to do that, systems will need to be created that can make use of and manage all the assets in order to be efficient.
  4. Sustainers. Many of these Augmented Reality (AR) experiences will need to exist on multiple platforms. That makes the need for someone to maintain the software on constantly changing technology a necessity.