The great age of piracy

According to R. Buckminster Fuller, once upon a time the world was ruled by great pirates. There is no written documentation because they were the secret rulers, pulling the strings, making connections with various countries and tribes, and securing resources to supply to kings that kept their kingdoms happy and their people loyal. By being highly tactical, understanding strategies related to political relations, trade, warfare, etc., these pirates were the only ones who understood the full breadth of the world and with the favor of the more widely documented kings, they had the most freedom in the world.

How do we know that pirates were the top of the food chain? Thinking about the classes that existed in feudalism, you had peasants > knights > nobility > kings. In each one of those classes existed more and more freedom. Economically. Mobility wise. As mentioned, their freedom was the utmost pinnacle. Being able to have money, favor in many lands, and the means to get anywhere they wanted to go. They were beholden to no one person. They didn’t have to stay in any particular place.

Buckminster also asserts that it was technology that destroyed the pirates. With advances that were beyond the understanding of anyone not well-versed in science, the strategies the pirates employed began to break down.

Though there is no written history as stated previously, I believe the same as Bucky. Even if the pirates weren’t real, consider the change of ages. Kings fell to industrialists as supplies and great artists and craftsman weren’t enough to compete with the rise of the water and steam power.

Today, we’re undergoing another shift, a new age of pirates. A greater age of pirates. Not in the traditional sense, but in the sense that a new set of tactics is now needed to survive. Corporations aren’t as competitive, as they are dying deaths by a thousand cuts. Up against the pirates themselves, the artisans, craftsman, consultants, that understand how to market, sell, and provide products and services that are rapidly changing without needing a huge number of employees. There aren’t any real rules to this yet, other than doing something that matters for people who care.

You’re now a pirate. You don’t have to pillage and plunder, just define your set of tactics. Pick those you want to supply or serve, and move where and how the world takes you. Your freedom is reaching it’s pinnacle, just grasp it.

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