What’s the story a realtor wants their clients to tell about them?

There are a lot of extremes that realtors can tell a story about themselves:

  • Exclusive <—> Available
  • Cheap <—> Expensive
  • Creative/Visionary <—> Logistical
  • Technological Savvy <—> Old School
  • Tough Negotiator <—> Caring Helper
  • Efficient <—> Thorough
  • Professional <—> Casual
  • Competitive/Fierce <—> Friendly

The market is big enough, that the only wrong combination of these is not figuring out where you land for each one, and doing everything possible to support those. Here are some examples:

For an exclusive realtor, she could be unlisted entirely, only working for referrals through her network, however, exclusivity alone isn’t likely to pay the bills, there has to be a demand for additional skills.

For a cheap realtor, they could talk about working efficiently. How they’ve built their knowledge of an area to find homes you would like quickly. How they developed negotiating tactics that close deals quickly, and how all that leads to them needing less commission since they close more deals in a year.

The creative realtor could use design or staging skills. Either showing, or a sharing a vision for a space that the client can’t currently see.

The technologically savvy realtor can use technology to help the customer make the right decisions. That may mean sending comparisons. Using software to photoshop furniture into rooms for vision. Sending contracts to be reviewed quickly.

The professional realtor may keep the conversation about all business. The homes. The tasks ahead. Contrasting to the casual, who may talk more about the person’s life, or their own life.

If you don’t find a way to portray how you fit these extremes, it’s likely you’re not an edge case, and no one will notice you more than any of the other million realtors out there. Take at least one to the extreme.

This isn’t just true in real estate.