Connection not technology, limits opportunities.

Once upon a time, it took a messenger traveling around on horseback to spread a message. No phones, no cars, no planes, no radio. Just a man, a horse, and an idea to be relayed from a person, likely a king, looking to make a connection. Likely an invitation to the palace, or asking for permission to come himself without fear of being attacked.

At this time, it was boats that made king’s. At least helping the rich and powerful make new connections in far away lands for political and trade alliances.

But communication technologies came far in modern society. TV was owned by big corporations who made it impossible to break into an industry. It was the mainstream marketing through television.

It had a huge impact on the beer industry. Shrinking from 4,000 breweries down to 44 at it’s lowest point, then the internet came along, offering a new channel of connection of small brewers to drinkers. Today, there is over 7,000 small breweries in the world.

This is all possible thanks to connection. Technology empowered that connection, and continues to empower it faster than we can find ways to utilize all the new channels, which is exactly what gives the small guy a chance.

The current trend of history is expanding opportunity to connect. However, with some of the conversations that spin around the web, you would think those opportunities are diminishing.

For the actual amount of connection possible, we’ve probably reached close to the technological limit for this planet. Not that new technologies aren’t possible, just that the ones that currently exist are enough to contact anyone else that has them. The only things left to do is work on scaling them, so that every person on the planet has them, then from there work on interplanetary communications.

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