Automating your way out of failure.

I’m not sure that automating your way out of failure is possible. A few exceptions may be in huge industries with low margins, where the investment of automation means 1-2% higher margins translating to billions of dollars of savings.

However, automating sales isn’t likely to increase them. If sales doesn’t know how to sell today, who will set up an automated system to do better? Same for marketing. Let’s not even get into the capital requirements of automation, and how that might be a struggle for a failing company.

That’s the ironic part, automation only works in already successful systems. Are the decision makers willing to risk going from some that works to something that might not? It’s much easier for a CEO to find a fix on-going failures than to find the courage to change something that’s working. Usually, that story is told in many different ways, leading to a theme about the status quo and how big companies struggle to change and how it’s a negative. Under the fears of automation, and AI, it’s actually a positive because either the company is already successful, and will resist too much change, or it’s failing and can’t automate out. That’s a built in safety factor for society.