Connection controls the opportunity of people, not technology.

There is a lot of doom and gloom in certain corners of the internet about AI and it’s coming impact on the world.

However, the availability of connection, not technology is the measure of opportunity. At one point in history, if you wanted to spread a message. It required a team of messengers, which may require horses for each, plus attendants to ride with them. It also may require boats for them to voyage across seas, or to islands. Only kings could spread a message!

Today, anyone with a phone can spread a message. Anyone with a library card can access  the internet and do the same. Marketing a product or service is simply spreading a message. People are still going to buy stuff, so there is still opportunity, so stop the doom and gloom!

For more proof, let’s look at when TV started, and advertising picked up steam, it started creating entire industries for a few giants, locking the small guys out. It took the beer industry from 4,000 breweries to 44 in 100 years. The internet brought that number back up to 7,000 in 20!

If I told you, I’m an AI writing this post, or this blog, would it make you less inclined to read it? I’m betting the answer is yes, if this is the first time you’ve every thought about it. Though it’s not a super intimate way to connect, you’re still here to connect with an idea. An idea from another person like yourself, who believes what you believe.

Connection is the key to this whole thing people! People buy products by connecting with the people who make and sell them. People listen to ideas from people that share them.

There is no data to back up this last claim at all, but there is none to refute it either…

If monkeys could talk, people wouldn’t listen to their ideas!

No other animal talks, so we don’t know for sure, but humans are likely seeking the attention of other humans, so AI likely won’t cut it either.