3D Printers

In the age of Amazon Reviews, online price comparisons, and massive competition from a 1,000 small competitors, product design and manufacturing is facing serious pressures in the following forms:

  • Lowering product development costs, while not skimping on testing. That terrible Amazon review will do you in! Make it good!
  • Increasing automation and it’s flexibility to keep production costs low, those price comparisons matter to the frugal! And 50% of customers are more frugal than average.
  • Delivering a better buying experience with proof of concept or customized products. Short runs have traditionally been expensive and slow, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • Shortening the supply chain and decreasing inventory. Storage space is expensive and too many pieces in the supply chain make it difficult to fulfill orders quickly. Just ask Toyota or Apple.

If you’re not looking at 3D Printing for what it can do, then your missing what others aren’t. It’s not just about a neat way of making things at home.