How to get started.

Skip the big company stuff. There are any number of thing you can start with:

  • Create a presentations of a vision for why your product is needed.
  • Make a low-cost prototype.
  • Talk to some people you would like to eventually sell to.
  • Seek out a team of co-founders who have the skills you lack.

It’s amazing how doing any of these things, and showing even some low effort will start to get more people on board. I once had an idea for an app with a friend, we talked about it for months, then I made some screenshots that weren’t programmed, and entirely static, all of a sudden, a few friends offered money as investment to become owners. We didn’t take the money, but that started a snowball of effort to get further. To build a working prototype, to seek investment.

Small efforts snowball. Just get started, and talk about it. This applies when starting your own company, or when trying to start something new inside the company you work for.