Walking like a baby.

It’s not linear. It’s slow. It’s inquisitive. It’s exactly what’s needed in a new venture.

I took my 22 month old daughter for a walk. Except, she doesn’t walk like I do. I consider myself fairly spontaneous, changing my route on a whim, sometimes going to the park, rather than the neighborhood, and not necessarily always following the same path. And yet, by comparison to my daughter, my spontaneity may as well seem like I looked at a map, and drew my walks out. She looks everywhere. She notices the smallest details, and turns her path to investigate the smallest interesting objects, finding paths I wouldn’t have even seen.

That’s how more people should be when it comes to opportunity. It’s all around. Everything new has so many rabbit holes, it’s time to follow them. Once we know they are dead ends, we can move on, but it’s still interesting in the meantime. Experiencing joy of discovery, the excitement of what’s at the end, and an occasional delight from what we learned is the entire point of any journey, your life included.

The most amazing thing about walking like a baby, is the story adults tell themselves about it.

“That baby just needs to gain coordination, and attention span, then walking with her will be easier.”

The real story is, “Once that baby forgets that there are interesting things in the world, and starts walking in a manner best suited to her physiology that can minimize her effort, she’ll finally fit in with the rest of us.”

Fitting in isn’t always such a great thing.