The world’s best cover band.

I love the creative process. The ideation. The whittling. The editing, smoothing, and checking the flow. The connections that are made and refined until a product that is good pops out.  In music, this is a new sound with a new story that never previously existed.

I took piano lessons when I was young. I took band in middle school. And I took guitar lessons in high school. Most of that music learning wasn’t much fun to me. I liked playing the instruments, but I didn’t like learning scales. It wasn’t a trial and error process that match what most people go through in life. It was rigid, structured, and not something that fit my creative process.

In band, the grade was based off of participation, knowing the scales, and playing the pieces assigned. There was no composition portion ever.

While playing is a great skill, composing is where the value lies. The world’s best cover band still isn’t nearly as popular as the world’s most popular artists. That’s because art is value higher than technique in our society.