Augmented Reality (AR) and the business experience

Currently, Augmented Reality (AR) is primarily in the realm of what is cute and fun, as often happens with new technology. There are a number of potential business applications that can benefit. The largest beneficiary will likely be the customer experience. Many of the applications are surrounding the experience before buying in e-commerce, or visualizing products before they go into production.

Here are two potential applications of Augmented Reality (AR) and how it will help the buying experience:

  1. Furniture purchases. Furniture companies can provide scaled 3D models that allow customers to visualize what their purchase will look like in their specific home. This reduces the need for measuring, fabric swatches, and pictures that help customers, who are particular, make their decisions. In cases of interior designers, it will certainly be a value add, making it easier to make design decisions and convince their customers.
  2. Configurable products. There are a growing number of configurable products companies. Currently, some of these provide a preview of the final product that will be produced before it’s made and shipped, however, these previews don’t allow the purchaser to see the product in the space, or area of operation it will be used in. Examples could include custom jewelry boxes, flower arrangements, eye glasses, RC Cars, etc. For larger ticket items, this can lower the tension of the buyer and make them more likely to continue the purchase.