A break from our regularly scheduled programming.

On this blog, there is a lot of different topics. I don’t have a continuous theme, though there are some commonalities. I’ve decided to start writing a bit more about my thoughts on Augmented Reality (AR). I see a lot of opportunity and value to be created in this realm, and the opportunities overlap with my day job. Though it should be kept in mind, Augmented Reality (AR) will have some long-term uses, those who want to use it as a marketing tool have the most opportunity now while not many companies are using it. Once it becomes the norm, social sharing will slow/stop, and there will be a new level that has to be reached to get people excited again.

I chose the title “A break from our regularly scheduled programming.” with a dual purpose in mind. First, to convey the literal meaning that I wrote about in the first paragraph. And second because it’s important to take a look around at areas that aren’t in your day-to-day. Augmented Reality (AR) has some overlap in the world that I work in, engineering software, but it also has applications in real-estate, restaurants, hospitality, consumer products, medical, maintenance, and others. I’m not an expert in all of these, but I’ve taken some time to think about how this technology could be used to change each of these. It’s amazing how eye-opening the opportunities are when just looking for new things in industries you don’t normally associate with. Take a few minutes and brainstorm an new use for technology in an industry that hasn’t used much. It’ll will be the best 10 minutes you’ll spend today.