Abundance and competition

Compared to a desert, the jungle is filled with a wealth of food. Yet, of the two, jungles seem to have more aggressive animals?

Why is that?

In ecosystems that have the right conditions for life to flourish, populations rise, and competition gets fierce.

This is the same with businesses. Consider two plumbers, one who owns a company in a town of 2,000 people, and the other who owns a company in a dense urban city. It’s likely that the small town plumber, can’t grow his business much, other than the natural growth of the town. However, it’s also that he doesn’t have to defend his business because there isn’t room for competitors. He’s in his desert!

The urban plumber, has potential to have employees, land big contracts, and make a lot of money. However, he faces fierce competition. With room for growth in the market, and new competition starting all the time, he has to make sure his prices are in line, his marketing is good, he retains his employees, etc.

Unlike the animals who are born where they live, and adapted to it, we get to choose which one of these “work styles” we want to be in. Choose wisely.