An incredibly overlooked aspect of business. The right people.

My career has amazed me again and again. The right people being in the room together when an idea happens can significantly change the outcome. I’ve seen good ideas that didn’t know where to go, or how to get there. Yet, when the right person was in the room, it just explodes because the right connections are made.

I’ve seen sales reel in a deal because someone was talking about it being a competitive sale to a coworker, who then chimed in that his best friend works at the company and happens to have significant influence.

I’ve seen marketing events find great locations because someone had a relative who worked at non-public venues.

Those are only two examples, but the list could go on.

Yesterday, I wrote about overautomation. Imagine a company with only a CEO as a person, and everything else automated. Can you tell me, “Who do those robots know that can help the company?”

The answer currently, is “No one.”

Robots don’t currently have lives.

They don’t have connections.

They only do what they were built to do. Nothing more and nothing less.

Overautomation will no doubt lead to a loss in the magic of the right people finding a way to make an impact on businesses through idea sharing, connections, and partnerships. All of which is an important part of the economy, and possibly the most overlooked.

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